A new level of safety in the straight-pull rifle by HMS and Horst J. E. Blaser

For decades, STRASSER has manufactured major firearm parts for world-renowned gunmakers and dependable STRASSER parts accompany Europe's Ariane rocket into space. This know-how is combined with a completely new concept by famous gun designer Horst e. J. Blaser to make the new STRASSER RS 05

The STRASSER RS 05 straight-pull bolt-action magazine rifle sets a new milestone in gun history width it's high-tech engineering, extremely safe construction, ergonomically correct operating controls, simple, traditional lines, smalles manufacturing tolerances and us of the best materials available.

The STRASSER RS 05 is the dependable companion for the passionate hunter - whether in the game fields abroad or the woodlot at home.

STRASSER RS 05 - Master of the Continents.